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New Member - Hello (Issued)
Hi, I'm Dave, I am returning to CB after some years away. My main rig is a President George II operating on a Thunderpole 1/2 wave. Radio has always been a part of my life having trained at the...
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High SWR issues
Hi everyone I’ve got a 102” ss whip on a mast bolted to the side of my house and my swr across 40 channels (cept) is sat at 3.5 if I take the mast down and lay it on the ground the swr is 1.2 how can...
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delete account
Hello please can you delete my account please as no longer needed  my email was and 26-CT-4807 / M6NAE  the email address has changed and i no longer need the account  my...
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hello to all (Issued)
Morning People My Name is Graeme And from the Blyth NE england , just getting back in to Radio and enjoying it. could i have a Call sign allocated plase. looking fwd to chatting and getting to know...
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New Member (Information requested)
I live in Wisconsin and I’m a licensed ham.   Have not had allot of time on 11 meters but some. I’m retired from mechanics and maintenance. Winter in Arizona on some property I have there.
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