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Introduction and call sign request.
Good morning all, Let me introduce myself my name is Matt I live in Forest Row in deepest darkest Sussex fast approaching 50. I have been in to radios my entire life started with my first 2 channel...
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Hello from Milton Keynes (Issued)
Hi everyone, apologies in advance as I'm new to this tinternet forum stuff.. my name is Stuart and I'm based in Milton Keynes, have regained my love of the airwaves during COVID and managed to find...
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New Member Call Sign Request (Issued)
Hi,  My name is Chris, I have been on and off the radio since 1981 -FM and 11m in the 90’s . I’ve quite recently set back up and looking forward to see if and how much things have changed. Thanks
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Zetagi B300P AMP
Hi All Sorry another amp question, just purchased an B300P Amp to use with my Lincoln radio, the amp only has a short wire running from it with no inline fuse, should I install a fuse or can I...
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Superstar 3900 2023 model
Just took reciept of one of these and the output is low on the muppets, currently at just 3.0w. Does anybody know if theres an adjustment within the radio to pep this up to 4w? Cheers
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President Randy III for sale President Randy III for sale
160 £
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WANTED: Superstar 2000 WANTED: Superstar 2000
150 £
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Kenwood TS50 Kenwood TS50
320 £
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