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 Loft/Attic Doublet Antenna

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antenna - Loft/Attic Doublet Antenna Empty
PostSubject: Loft/Attic Doublet Antenna   antenna - Loft/Attic Doublet Antenna Icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2022 9:56 pm

Hi All,

A little while back I made a posting about my loft/attic antenna made out of trash from a skip and one of the wife's coat hangers :-

Well it's working very well allowing me some FT8 action but also grabbed some SSB voice including an Italian SSB QSO. (My only entry for the CT 10m Challenge! Wink )

I'm currently working on a better ATU system being able to load it up from 160m through to 10m and making QSO's on all those bands so far. None too shabby for a bit of wire, (lawnmower lead!), hanging in the attic.

At the time of doing some research on it all I did have some grumbles about ladder line, ATU's etc. from other apparently well informed licensed individuals that did their best to dissuade me from such antics. Luckily however there was at least one CT member, (The DB), who suggested otherwise and I'll always be grateful to such positive thinking individuals.

Now whilst perusing through YouTube I came across a 'suggested' video and with it being linked to a commercial establishment I nearly skipped straight past it.
(Bad enough being constantly bombarded with adverts for things I never use, want, can afford or indeed even need!)

This however was an entirely different kettle of fish....

So I present you with a great video from Peter Waters G3OJV praising the virtues of such antenna systems.

See, told you I wasn't mad.

Some of you may recognise Peter from a particular Ham radio outlet but as this video was such an educational video rather than a commercial sales pitch it doesn't bend or break any forum rules. I know because I cleared it with an admin/mod.  ("How's this Victor" - "Yes, I think that should be OK Victor" - "Great stuff Victor and thanks for all the help" - "You're very welcome Victor". Very Happy )

Anyway, for those of you that either don't want an antenna on display due to nosey neighbours, council officials, H.O.A.'s (USA), Parish Ward 'inspectors', plain weirdos or think you can't fit a HF antenna in a small space.......think again. antenna - Loft/Attic Doublet Antenna 1f44d

How does mine perform? I haven't really pushed it much with my 10 Watts and still working on an ATU but it's an Extended Double Zepp up at 10m giving it gain and becoming a slightly too short dipole at 40m (but still great). Loading it on 80m and 160m makes it more NVIS but I've managed contacts on both!
(PSKReporter used for FT8 has given me received signal reports from the USA to Japan as well as Africa and Tasmania......just haven't managed past the usual pile-ups so far! Oh, except Africa. Smile )

So there you go, no excuses for being able to put up at least some form of HF antenna.....

Unless you don't have an attic, maybe live in an apartment?

Then you could always try a magnetic loop and you can build them too!

Enjoy your radio no matter what.

All the best,
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Loft/Attic Doublet Antenna
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