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 The CT eXtreme DX Team

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PostSubject: The CT eXtreme DX Team    The CT eXtreme DX Team  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2020 11:15 pm

The CT eXtreme DX Team - CTX for short

The CTX project is generally about operating away from a traditional shack in a building or from static mobile set-up. Nothing wrong with operating from these types of stations, but for CTX, it's generally going to be portable operation where there's no mains power and away from the car too. A very rough guide for hill and countryside activations is something like 30mins walk to get to the location, although we would take other factors into consideration like age, physical condition etc.

We're into anything that's a bit different, so hopefully a CTX call on the air will become something that stations will go out of their way to listen out for. Could be a station set-up on the top of a mountain, in a fishing bivvy next to a lake, a remote building somewhere with the station powered with solar, a boat, or a set-up on a push bike/wheelchair/motability scooter providing effort and ingenuity has been shown with the location.

Hopefully when someone hears a CTX call, it'll make them think "wow, a CTX'er, I wonder what they're doing today?"

From the tops of mountains, open countryside, from small island locations or by the sea, amazing results are achievable even on very low power outputs - the eXtreme Team are always on the lookout to push the boundaries of what is expected from simple radio equipment. In addition, the effort required to actually make it to the locations and the setting up a working station adds to the experience. The views, the fresh air, and the feeling of freedom are also very rewarding to say the least.

We are very much about responsible operating, so we prepare well for our activations and leave the the area where we've been as we found it. We are also very much about promoting the CT Group as one that does that bit extra for the hobby. We encourage the use of legal equipment and frequencies, with QRP operation also encouraged to add to the challenge. Although CTX is CB/11m/PMR446 based, there's no reason why a CTX event cannot be combined with Amateur Radio activities, especially now that AM and SSB have been legalised in the UK on the Mid Block.

Interested in becoming part of the CT eXtreme Team?

Becoming a eXtreme Team member isn't easy as every potential member must notify us of an intended activation or event that is challenging or unique enough to warrant inclusion. Not only that, but a potential member must be able to demonstrate to us that they are taking steps to ensure they are sufficiently prepared to tackle the activation in as safe a manner as practicably possible. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to what counts as a qualifying effort - let us know what you're thinking of doing and we'll let you know.

Once the initial activation or event is approved by the eXtreme Team Staff, the potential member will become a "Provisional Member" progressing to a "Full Member" upon the successful completion of the activity.

We will assist as much as we can with advice on how to run an eXtreme Team activity - feel free to post questions within this section on the CT Forum.

CT Members who become CT eXtreme Team Full Members will receive:

The option to use a "CTX" callsign during events and activations on CB and PMR446 - this will be their current callsign with the extra "X" as in "26-CTX-***"
The opportunity to be key players in new and innovative radio activations and events.

Become a station the DX'ers really want to get in their logs

Plus, of course, the sense of pride and achievement that goes with being a CT eXtreme DX'er!


Whilst it may be fairly straightforward to obtain CTX "Full Member" status, it's not so easy to retain it - it is precondition that CTX members remain fairly active or will lose "Full Member" status if they lose interest or fail to continue with CTX activities with no good reason.

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The CT eXtreme DX Team
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